AMP for E-Commerce

E-commerce is all about creating an amazing shopping experience online for the visitor with the intention of getting them to click, convert, and become a customer. With changes in consumer shopping behaviors, online brands have had to adjust how they market to prospective customers, as well as the user experience, to ensure an enjoyable experience. The largest change has come from the adoption of mobile technology.  

That growth has triggered a need for more streamlined mobile shopping experiences, but not all brands made the jump right away. Without mobile-optimized sites, mobile users were experiencing high site loading times and having difficulty getting the information and items they wanted while on their phone.

With AMP, it all comes down to speed. Search engines like Google survive by the positive experiences of the user who can find the information they want/need quickly, without long delays. It’s in their best interest to make sure the user has the best experience. That’s why site speed was added as a ranking factor. If your site takes too long to load, and your customers are bouncing, you’ll likely see that negatively impact your organic search visibility.

By building AMP pages, you are able to bring the speed of AMP to your users. With faster loading times, many retailers see higher conversions and higher engagement. And we’ve seen that users are more willing to return to a e-commerce site that performs well. Whether you’re a smaller store or a larger marketplace, AMP can help you make the sale.

Taken into consideration all the above factors and parameters, the AMPMyPage service offers to its users the ability to create AMP pages enhancing their e-shop's authority and improving their online presence in SERPs. Start building your own AMP Pages for your Product Pages through our user-friendly interface or via integration with the AMPMyPage API. The AMPMyPage template and theme for Google AMP Product pages includes:

  • simple and clean fully responsive design
  • menu implementation with the amp-sidebar component
  • slider implementation with the amp-carousel component
  • amp-social-share buttons
  • call to action button
  • implementation of the amp anim-component, for fully responsive embedded videos
  • implementation of amp-analytics for better tracking of your AMP Product pages
  • out-of-the-box enrichment of structured data with the type Product

Start Building your AMP Pages now!

AMP Product Template and Theme