AMPMyPage HTML to AMP converter - Coming soon

  • The easy way of creating your own Google AMP pages. Create your AMP pages through a user-friendly interface or make good use of the API for converting traditional HTML pages to fully compatible AMP pages.
  • Automatic enrichment of your newly-created AMP pages with structured data. Supported types are NewsArticle and Product.
  • Service integration for Drupal and Wordpress websites with custom modules and plugins, provided by AMPMyPage. Enable your website to automatically create AMP pages when you add content on your favorite CMS platform.
  • Adsense for AMP: AMPMyPage allows you to publish ads with your Adsense account. 
  • AMPMyPage is developed by the Greek-based web and app development company DEVIO
  • AMPMyPage is currently under development and will be available in full functionality, around Christmas 2018. Can't wait till then? We have already integrated in a number of our clients' projects. Contact us  to get an early start in using the service.